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Rutgers 5th Annual National Postdoc Appreciation Day Symposium

Photo: The busy sign-in table at the Rutgers 5th Annual National Postdoc Appreciation Day Symposium, held Sept. 18 on Busch Campus.

Postdocs at Rutgers organized the symposium, which has been held up as a national model and is the county’s largest, annually attracting nearly 300 postdocs, faculty, staff, and grad students from Rutgers and other local universities, plus other visitors, including some with the event’s corporate sponsors. The symposium began as a joint effort by Rutgers and the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School to help postdocs learn more about career possibilities. It’s also held to “celebrate the vital contributions of postdocs to research and development and in driving innovation,” said Keith Feigenson, president of the RWJMS/Rutgers Postdoctoral Association. Read more here.