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Philly.com covered the story on how Rutgers and several other local universities places on the NAI’s Top100 patent list. Here is an excerpt:

Rutgers University, with $677 million in research dollars, was “among the top 20 public universities” funded in fiscal 2015, said David Kimball, associate vice president of research commercialization.

Its 65 patents included two for developing antibacterial drugs in a collaboration with Merck & Co.

Rutgers also has a patent to regulate flowering and sugar metabolism in plants to make them “by modifying their biochemistry.”

Rutgers’ patent for a “thin film” biosensor is meant for cancer diagnosis and treatment. The Rutgers engineering school is developing a software sensor for detecting cellphone use while driving. A software microprocessor, or sensor, would be installed in a mobile phone. “It will automatically turn the phone off when your 15-year-old is learning to drive, for example,” Kimball said. “It could be pretty important.”

Read the whole story here.