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glider RU 27

Photo: Rutgers University/Dan Crowell
The Spanish vessel M/V Investigador approaches the Rutgers submersible robot glider Scarlet Knight off the coast of Spain in December 2009 after the glider completed its precedent-setting, 221-day underwater flight across the Atlantic Ocean. 

Nearly 20 years ago, Josh Kohut, a rising college senior, walked onto the ground floor of a revolution starting at Rutgers – the art and science of studying the world’s oceans, all at the same time.

Kohut got a summer job working for Scott Glenn, a marine scientist who was just starting to use a high-frequency radar designed to hug the surface of the ocean and “see” over the horizon.

It was one of several new technologies Glenn and his colleagues at Rutgers would go on to adopt and share with the world over the next two decades, forever changing the field of oceanography and the way scientists understand weather, marine life, and other related areas.”

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