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“The figurines, with nary a jutting bosom or shapely calf in sight, are based on a series of virtues – persistence, ingenuity, energy and courage – each accessorized with cape, boots, mask or other symbols of mastery.

They’re about as far from Disney princesses as it gets.

And that’s exactly what 1991 Rutgers graduate Veenita Bleznak has in mind each time she creates the latest in a new series of female action figures –  superheroes who encourage children to envision themselves as the strong and powerful centerpieces of their own narratives.

Bleznak is chief operations officer of IAmElemental, a fast-growing company whose products have taken the toy industry by storm, earning a place on Time’s list of the Top 10 Toys of 2014 and being featured in such diverse media outlets as Forbes, Oprah Magazine, the BBC World Service, NBC and The Boston Globe.”

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