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If an Essex County resident goes to vote on Election Day and gets turned down at the polls, that voter can get free legal assistance from students at Rutgers Law School in Newark.

In a tradition that’s gone on for at least a decade,  Rutgers Law students will assist voters on Election Day, November 8, by accompanying them to court for free to plead their case before a Superior Court judge.

“I think it’s important for a law school to offer this kind of service,” said Rutgers Law Professor Alexis Karteron, who directs the Constitutional Rights Clinic. “It’s important because the right to vote is sacrosanct.”

Essex County residents who are not permitted to vote at their polling site have two choices, explained Rutgers Law Professor Charles Auffant, of the Community and Transactional Lawyering Clinic. That voter can vote with a provisional ballot –which may or may not be counted-or that voter can appear before a judge and request a Court Order that he or she be allowed to vote at a polling place. Auffant added that help may also be available for voters who are not registered but should have been, including those who visited the Department of Motor Vehicles but were not offered the opportunity to register.

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