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The R&D Council of New Jersey will present its Edison Patent Award to a Rutgers professor, two former faculty members at the university and a retired research staffer at the council’s annual awards event on November 3.

Raphael Mannino and Ruying Lu, former researchers in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, now both at Matinas BioPharma, will be honored for a new drug delivery technology they invented. The technology, which is termed “cochleates made with soy phosphatidylserine,” uses a unique lipid-crystal nano-particle to encapsulate existing drugs and other biologically active compounds, which makes them safer, less toxic, orally bioavailable and more tolerable for patients. The technology is being developed and commercialized by Matinas BioPharma of Bedminster Township, which was founded in 2012.

Joseph Goffreda, a professor in the Department of Plant Biology and Pathology at Rutgers–New Brunswick, also will receive the Edison Patent Award. One of his former colleagues will share the honor: Anna Voordeckers, a retired research staff member. They developed a patented hybrid peach variety marketed under the name TangOs® that is able to thrive in New Jersey’s sometimes difficult growing conditions, while maintaining the combination of peach attributes attractive to both consumers and commercial producers.

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