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Must we now accept the notion that information we previously believed was private and secure is suddenly vulnerable, and how will our lives next be influenced by digital technology? Will patients be given new hope by advances in gene therapy? Will Americans accept driverless cars? How will teachers use artificial intelligence to adapt to the learning styles of their students?

On its 250th birthday, November 10, the Rutgers University community statewide will focus on these and many other provocative subjects as it hosts 80 of its alumni, noted for their thought leadership and innovation, for “A Day of Revolutionary Thinking” on the concluding day of activities associated with the university’s yearlong celebration of its rich history.

The university’s special guests – which include a cybersecurity CEO, a biopharmaceutical company founder, a former New Jersey attorney general and an activist-artist – were invited to share their diverse points of view with students and to demonstrate how learning at Rutgers contributed to their successes.

In anticipation of their presentations, Rutgers Today invited these innovators to discuss the “Next Big Thing” they envision occurring in their respective fields.

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