Rutgers’ Center of Alcohol Studies offers some advice for healthy holiday celebrations


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Researchers at the Center of Alcohol Studies at Rutgers say that although the holiday season is a time to celebrate, these festivities are filled with triggers that can lead to binge-drinking and other alcohol-related problems.

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Rutgers Research Study to Examine Effects of Kroc Center on Camden Community


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The research project, which is funded by a $67,987 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and its New Jersey Health Initiatives program, will assess the extent to which low-income families living in Camden’s Cramer Hill neighborhood, located within a one-mile radius of the Kroc Center, make use of the facility, and the effect that this usage has on their diet and physical health behaviors in the short and long terms.

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Rutgers Supports Cleveland Clinic’s Near-Total Face Transplant


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This exciting project was funded through the Rutgers-Cleveland Clinic Consortium of AFIRM. Cleveland Clinic performed its second near-total face transplant on a patient missing the middle of his face, forehead and eye sockets. For 24 hours, more than 12 surgeons, dozens of nurses and other health professionals meticulously transplant donor tissue, nerves, bone and muscle. The result: a face restored. A life transformed.

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