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From mycentraljersey.com:

PISCATAWAY — Legend has it that centuries ago, King Arthur expelled the powerful sword Excalibur from a stone and anvil, making him ruler of Great Britain.

Around 1,500 years after the apocryphal tale, Rutgers University unveiled its equivalent to the ancient sword — the most powerful supercomputer in the state, dubbed Caliburn, which literally means Excalibur.

“We see how we can bring these resources together and researchers together to break down more traditional values that exist due to the multidisciplinary research that’s needed to really advance in science today,” Manish Parashar, distinguished professor of computer science at Rutgers, said at an event at the Piscataway campus on Thursday.

“We’re looking forward to doing that and using Caliburn as a resource across wide fields in New Jersey to be able to advance all aspects of science, engineering, medicine, business, entrepreneurship.”

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